Understanding beeswax

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Chapter 11 – A Discussion on Wax

Wicks are one of the most important parts of the candle, but they aren’t the only part of the candle, and it’s now time to focus on the other crucial ingredient – the wax.

Wax, like the wicks, come in a variety of different materials from a variety of different sources. And, like the wicks, it’s important to purchase your wax from a reputable source. With candle making being the popular hobby that it is, many people use filler chemicals in their waxes, which are harmful to breathe in.

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between waxes? With so many to choose from, which one should you use for your candles?

Hack 27:
Understanding beeswax.
Beeswax is exactly what it sounds like, the wax that comes from bees. Beeswax is praised for its natural scent, and is a favorite among many candle makers. Bees-wax is one of the oldest waxes to be used for candle making, but is harder to get due to the fact it’s sourced from bees.

Once collected from the hives, the wax is then treated to remove any impurities, leaving the harvester with just the wax. It’s then packaged and shipped to suppliers for candle makers to enjoy.

Though you can still find it in many places in the United States, other countries have drastically cut back on the use of beeswax, meaning in order for those candle makers to get the wax, they must order online.

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