Types of Candles

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Tallow Candles – these are inexpensive to make because they are primarily made from animal fat. You can use mason jars for the container, and basically piece them together with whatever you have handy. They are an excellent beginner candle.


Votive Candles  – these candles are the perfect combination between a pillar candle and a jar candle. Before they are burned they are free standing (meaning they stand up above the jar a little way), but as they burn they melt down within the container.

Pillar Candles – candles that are free standing. They are usually cylindrical in shape and melt down into their own centers as they do.

Dipped Candles – these candles are made by dipping the wick in wax multiple times to build up the body of the candle.

Rolled Candles – a special kind of wax is used to make this kind of candle. All you have to do is roll it into the proper shape, and you let it set up from there.


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