Supplies You Need For Candle Making

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Regardless of the candle you are making, you have to melt the wax in order to get it in the proper shape. The best way to melt the wax is to use a double boiler, or to make your own double boiler setup.

To do this, you will need:

  • One large pan
  • One smaller pan (that fits inside the larger pan)
  • A stove
  • Water

I greatly recommend you use stainless steel pots and pans for your candle making. Wax can be incredibly messy, and it doesn’t cling to stainless steel as badly as it does other material.

The smaller pan is placed inside the larger pan, and water is placed in the bottom. When it’s time to use the wax, you will melt the wax in the smaller of the two pans with the water boiling beneath and around it.

Depending on the variety of candle you are making, you will need different sized pots and pans, and different equipment to finish setting up the candle. A drip candle is a much larger candle than a votive candle, and will require a deeper pan for the right technique, then it must be hung on a hook to finish setting up.

A pillar candle is going to require a smaller pot to heat the wax over, and you will need a mold to pour the wax in to. Again, I recommend that you use stainless steel for your molds for the same reasons as you do with the pots and pans.

There are few things more frustrating than working hard to create a candle then have it stick to the mold as you try to pull it out!

Jar candles are easy to make because all you need is the container of choice and the basic supplies. Simply pour the wax into the container with the wick set up in the middle, and you are set.

Votive candles are a hybrid between the pillar and jar candle, but they are just about the easiest candles to make.

Any experienced candle maker can make any variety they like at any time they like, so find here the supplies you need, and in no time at all you will be making your own candles!


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