Starting Your Candle Hobby

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There you are, walking through the candle section of the store once more.
Somehow, you always manage to make your way here, regardless of what you
came into the store for. Somehow, one or two of the candles manages to make it
into your shopping card – regardless of what you came into the store for.

You simply love candles. The scent, the colors, the different sizes and designs.
What’s not to like, really?But collecting candles can feel limiting. This one is expensive, and though youlove the scent, you can’t spend that right now. That one is your favorite color, and it would look great on your shelves, but again, with the price, you can’t make the purchase right now.

Then again, you have already tried this brand and that brand, and you find that
some are great, but others cost a lot without smelling very long. You want
something that’s not going to break the bank, but something you can also trust to
give its scent for as long as you burn the candle. This candle smells fantastic, and you can just imagine having your room smell that way.

That candle would be perfect for your best friend. It’s her favorite color and it smells amazing – if only you had the extra funds right now to get it for her. Obviously, making your own candles is the solution. But how do you do that?Isn’t candle making a long and tedious process? Isn’t it difficult to get scents that will last?

Surprisingly, it’s really easy – as long as you have the right tools. And with this book, you’re going to learn exactly what you need for your candles, and how to make them.

With 20 different hacks that will make your hobby infinitely easier, you simply
can’t go wrong with this hobby. Dive into the world of candle making, and have
fun expressing yourself.

There’s no end to the ways you can show off your style through your candles, and
at the end of the day, you’re going to have something colorful, cheerful, and
perfectly sweet to enjoy.

Let’s get started.

Chapter 1 – Starting Your Candle Hobby

In order to do a craft properly, you need to ensure you have all the supplies
before you begin. There are few things more frustrating than getting into a hobby,
only to realize that you don’t have all the necessary things to accomplish what you
are trying to do.

To start your candle making hobby, head to the store or get online to find all the
supplies you will need. Though you may have some of these things on hand
already, I recommend you purchase and keep a few of these items (scissors, a
crafting knife, a glass measuring cup, and a thermometer.)

The supplies you need before you can begin will include:

• Wax
• Wicks
• Jars
• Color dye
• Scents
• A thermometer
• A double boiler (or a pan you can convert into a double boiler
• Glass measuring cup (several sizes would be ideal, but make
sure you purchase one that is at least a 2 cup measure)
• Knife
• Scissors

And that’s just the basics. If you want to add personality and custom flare to the
candles you make, you are also going to need:

• Labels for the jars
• Molds (these can be candle making molds, or you can make
your own)
• Pens, markers, pencils
• Décor

When it comes to candle making, you can give your candles as much personality
as you like. There’s no rules about what you can and can’t do, as long as you have
the supplies to do it.

I recommend you designate these supplies to be solely candle making supplies,
and that you keep them separate from other, similar supplies you use in your
kitchen and crafting. While you are going to keep all these supplies clean, it’s still
important that you have them ready and waiting when you are.


Hack 1:

Save old jars, strings, crayons, scented perfumes and oils, or indestructible items
(items that won’t melt in the wax). Start a box full of these things, and when you
are in the mood to make candles, take a look into this box to see what you have on
hand.Get creative with what you keep, and don’t be afraid to use them!

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