How to glue the wick to the bottom of your jar

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Chapter 9 – Problem Solving Hacks

By now it’s very likely you are more than hooked on the process of candle making
(as well as the candles you make!)

There is something so relaxing yet so fun about making your own candles, but even in all the fun it’s not without its difficulties.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been making candles. There’s always going to be that little pain you have to deal with – whether it be getting your candle wick in the bottom of your jar or stopping the wick from tunneling into the interior of your candle.

Though these are incredibly annoying to have to deal with, they are very easy fixes – and I’m now going to show you how.

Hack 21:
How to glue the wick to the bottom of your jar:

There are several ways to glue the wick to the bottom of your jar, but if you are using a cotton wick (that’s not very sturdy) or a long jar (making accuracy difficult) it’s hard to use the wick and tab method.

Instead of frustrating yourself trying to use the wick, use a pair of long nose or needle nose pliers. These are thin enough to reach into the jar, but give you the accuracy you need to place the tab. Simply dab a bit of glue to the bottom of the tab then use the pliers to press it firmly against the base of the jar.

Hold for a few seconds, then carefully remove – problem solved!

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