Our Testimonials

These are absolutely wonderful! The adhesive tabs make candle making easy. My son is disabled and this product gives him the self-sufficiency in creating beautiful granulated wax candles. So glad I ran across them. We'll definitely be ordering more!

By Gizmo on July 16, 2017

Perhaps like you, I have lots of candles which have burned and the holder is in perfect shape? These are great for repairing candles as the stem is sturdy and long enough for most candle size. The wick is solid and holds very weil in place. This is the solution for those of you who love candles and wonder what to do when the stem is burned out but the candle is still good. 

By Fred T.VINE VOICE on June 17, 2017

These ARE GREAT! I have used them also as tealight wicks. I cut them in the right sizes and they work better than the tea light wicks you buy from the candle makers online. Will buy again! 

By Dawnmarie Kruchoski on March 24, 2017

I use the heck out of these, beeswax, petroleum wax, and general mixes. It works on EVERYTHING. love love love. Will be buying more. 

By G.I.JANE on February 25, 2017

I made tea light candles recently and needed to trim the pre-made wicks I got. I used these for the trimmed wick parts and was able to double my wicks for 2/3rds the cost of new ones. Worked fine and I used a crimping tool instead of pliers, which kept the bottoms from bending. Very happy! 

By D. Wilson on March 17, 2017